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hey there, i'm nikki!
I show real estate agents how to make more money without missing out on life.
I promise you this: you can make a full-time income with a part-time schedule.
Around here, we use systems and strategies to automate business so we can enjoy the money we make.

Let's be honest: you don't just want more money. You want to enjoy the money you make.


But, even though you've bought leads thinking they'd turn into clients, it's just not happening.

Between the current market and the ability to work with anyone, you are riding the real estate income roller coaster. What are you doing wrong?

That's where I come in.

I am obsessed with helping real estate agents like you make full-time money with part-time hours.
I wasn't going to sacrifice my personal life for my business.

The first day I stepped foot into kindergarten, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Fast forward twenty years and I did just that. But, I hated it. Burnt-out, tired, and a mom to two young children, I decided to give real estate a try.

I was in for a reality check: my days did not look like an episode of Selling Sunset.

My eyes were constantly glued to my phone. People called me at all hours of the day. I didn't sleep well. I missed a friend's birthday party because I was in her garage negotiating a deal the whole time. My burnout and exhaustion only got worse.

And then it clicked. This is MY business. I make the rules. I decide what this is going to look like. 

So I leaned in. I learned. I created a business plan and actually followed it. My life was changed.

A few years later, my broker pulled me aside and told me that "I made a lot of money for not doing very much." She thought she had offended me. 

But, I couldn't have agreed more. Her words were a huge compliment. I had set it up that way. And I am passionate about helping you do the same.

Why live to work when you can work to live?

I take a relaxed approach to real estate.


everyone is capable of success.

consistency: how you make your dreams come true


in doing

what's best

for you.

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