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hey, future realtor.

It's time to take the stress out of the real estate exam so you can pass the test and start your new career!
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  • anxious to take the real estate exam?

  • bad at school?

  • too busy to manage it all yourself?

  • overwhelmed with the whole process?

  • looking for some professional guidance?

are you...

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  • knowing how to study

  • being prepared for the exam

  • feeling calm

  • passing the test

  • starting your new career


You can pass the real estate exam,
you just need to know how.

Putting off the exam because you don't feel ready?

Afraid to take the next step?



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the how behind the real estate exam.
So you want to be a Florida Real Estate Agent, but the test is stressin' ya out. Have no fear! You've learned the content, now it's time to learn the study techniques and test-taking strategies you need to feel confident when you take the exam.
A few words of encouragement and getting the process started.
Five different study techniques to help prepare you for the exam.
Tried and true test-taking strategies to help you on exam day.
What's next? Whether you pass or fail.
A collection of resources to help you along the way.

word on the street.

I have always had testing anxiety and have really struggled to properly study and perform on an actual test. No matter how much or how hard I would study, I COULD NOT get over my testing anxiety and would always struggle. Until I sat down with Nikki! I was taking the biggest test of my career and in just 1 hour, I was a changed test taker! Nikki was exactly what I needed. She was able to teach me how to relax myself when the testing anxiety started creeping in, taught me test taking strategies that were very simple to implement, and how to properly study a very large amount of information in an effective way so that I knew the information rather than memorizing everything. My only regret is that I didn’t get Nikki’s help sooner! - Kevin S.

When I wasn't passing any of my practice exams, I found myself exploring so many different prep courses before even attempting to take the state exam. I was so lost on where to begin to try again. This course spoke to me. It gave me solutions to my road blocks and alternative studying habits. And I am glad I chose wisely. This was my life save, my saving grace. This prep course taught me different note taking strategies that helped me rearrange my notes and altered the way I was studying. On top of that, it gave me direction on where to focus my energy by explaining what the exam primarily focuses on. And yes, it worked! I passed the state exam on my FIRST try! I highly recommend getting this prep course! 10 out of 10 - Luann C.

Relaxed Florida Real Estate Exam Prep


just $49!

  • 5 self-paced modules to go through at your own pace

  • life-time access...although you won't need it!

  • confidence to do the dang thang

well, hey there.

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The first day I stepped foot into kindergarten, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Fast forward twenty years and I did just that. But, I hated it. Burnt-out, tired, and a mom to two young children, I decided to give real estate a try.

Now I combine my education background and real estate knowledge to run Relaxed Real Estate Resource.

This course was created because I realized that so many future agents struggle with studying and taking the exam...and it's not a lack of ability. 

In my Relaxed Real Estate Prep course, you will find the tips and tricks I shared with my students help them pass the biggest tests of their school career.

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