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join Burnout Proof Business Lab and...

learn what they don't teach you in real estate school!

Licensed and feel like your head is spinning trying to grasp what to do next?


Not sure how to have the most success without sacrificing everything?


Wish you had more direction on the business part of this whole thing?


Ready to make full-time money on a part-time schedule?


You’re in the right place, and there’s a spot with your name on it in Burnout Proof Business Lab!

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your financial freedom is calling.


You’re about to learn the must-do steps to setting up your business like the business it is so you can officially stop stressing about what you should be doing and start making money.

  • determine your value so you know what systems to create

  • learn marketing options so you know when and where to invest your time

  • come up with a business plan so you can run your biz on autopilot

In Burnout Proof Business Lab, you will:​

well, hey there.


I help real estate agents take the busyness out of their business so they can make more money in less time.


I believe that business doesn’t have to be complicated.


I love showing agents like you what’s possible when they stop leaving their business to chance.


What would change for you if, instead of spending every waking moment on call, you had set working hours while your business continued to run in the background?

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