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ready to ditch the real estate income roller coaster?

no more cold calls. no more late nights. no more desperation. yes, it's possible.

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do you ever wonder what it would be like to have a successful real estate business without working every weekend?

You know there's got to be a better way to make money in this business without having to pay for garbage leads or work when everyone else isn't. Been there, done that, no thanks.

Instead, you want to let the money come to you while you take the busy-ness out of your business so you can breathe again - no missing important events, working long hours, or spinning your wheels required.

Welcome, I'm so glad you made it here.

where real estate agents come to make more money in less time.

you don't have to set up your systems and strategies alone.

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listen to the Relaxed Real Estate podcast.

Here we chat strategies, systems, and real estate knowledge so you

can take the busyness out of your business and make more money in less time because your real estate career shouldn't be stressful.

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join the waitlist: burnout proof business lab.

Ready to create a sustainable real estate business without sacrificing everything? This course will walk you through all the things real estate school doesn't teach you about setting up your business for the long run.

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download your ebook:

show less houses.

make more money.

The tried and true method I use when working with buyers to show the fewest amount of houses without sacrificing customer experience or losing business. *Scripts and worksheet included.

hey there, i'm nikki!

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I believe running a real estate business doesn't have to be hard and that you can definitely make a full-time income by working part-time hours. 

Let me be honest, I'm totally over cold calling, and I don't believe in sliding into dm's asking for business. I know firsthand what it's like to work nonstop with no idea where your next paycheck is coming from. That's why I take the relaxed approach to real estate. 

You don't need to buy more leads. And you don't need to call five more friends.  

But you DO need the right systems and strategies in place so you can work fewer hours and make more money.

where selling more houses while making your own schedule is your new normal.

your first step to a real estate biz on your terms is just a click away.

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free business planning blueprint

Turn your goals into action steps and know exactly what to do to make your business dreams come true.

get on-demand real estate coaching on the podcast.

Not sure your sphere is in a place to buy or sell real estate? Not sure how you should go about prospecting them or if you should just give that up? On today's episode, we chat about prospecting your sphere no matter where they are in their life or real estate journey. We also go over ways to stand out from the competition without being annoying.

Have a seller asking you to host an open house? New to the business and looking for buyer leads? On today's episode, we chat about hosting an open house from start to finish, plus bonus safety tips to help keep you safe.

What technology do you actually need to run a successful real estate business? What does the broker pay for and what should you be budgeting to pay for on your own? On today's episode, we chat about the three technologies you must have to successfully run your business. Plus a few extras for when you're ready.

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